Our Team

Finance & Fundraising:


Jacqueline Han
Hometown: Hinsdale, IL
Major and Year: BBA, Senior
Past ASB Experience: participant my freshman year, site leader my sophomore year, lead team my junior year
What you love most about MAC-ASB: the amazing people!

Mel Thompson
Hometown: Winnetka, IL
Major and Year: Psychology, Senior
Past ASB Experience: My sophomore year I went on a rural poverty trip to Cranks Creek, KY. This past year I led a youth and education trip to Chicago to work with Asian Youth Services.
What you love most about MAC-ASB: I love the community that is ASB. When I first applied to a trip I had no idea how important this organization and these people would be to me. ASB has become a family to me and I’m so thankful for it!

Marianne Khouri
Hometown: Troy, MI
Major and Year: Biomolecular Science & Spanish, Senior
Past ASB Experience: Participant on an urban poverty trip to Detroit, MI and site leader on an immigrant and refugee rights trip to Atlanta, GA
What you love most about MAC-ASB: I love being a part of a community that is so open to learning about social justice!

Public Relations:


Rachel Sullivan
Hometown: Port Huron, MI
Major and Year: Movement Science, Senior
Past ASB Experience: Animal Welfare Participant at Possumwood Acres 2014, Immigration & Refugee Rights Site Leader at International Rescue Committee 2015, LGBTQ Awareness Participant with getEqual 2016
What you love most about MAC-ASB: I love learning about social justice issues that I don’t know much about and being able to immerse myself in new communities. ASB allows me to be inspired by diverse groups of people, which has brought me some of my closest friends that I would not have met otherwise. I appreciate the opportunity ASB gives me to promote our mission of engaging in service-learning to work toward positive social change on the U of M campus.

Nikole Koszarycz
Hometown: Owings Mills, MD
Major and Year: Nursing, Senior
Past ASB Experience: I was a participant my freshman year on a Youth and Education trip to Neil Elementary in Chicago, IL. My sophomore year, I was a site leader on an HIV/AIDS Awareness trip to Samaritan House in Fort Worth, TX. My junior year, I was a site leader on a Native American Justice trip to Saratoga Springs, NY.
What you love most about MAC-ASB: I love learning about different social justice issues, collaborating with community partners, and discovering how individuals are engaging in impactful work for their own communities. I also enjoy becoming friends with and getting to know like-minded individuals who have the same passion for social change as I do! 🙂

Jen Chang
Hometown: West Bloomfield, MI
Major and Year: Public Policy, Senior
Past ASB Experience: During my Freshman year, I participated on a Civil Rights trip to Selma, AL. My Sophomore year I was a site leader for a HIV/AIDs trip to St. Louis, MO. During my Junior year, I was a lead team member on the Public Relations functional team.
What you love most about MAC-ASB: I love learning more about social justice issues from passionate individuals and learning from first-hand experiences with our community partners.

Site Development:


Grace Beckman
Hometown: Greenville, MI
Major, Year: English and CASC, Senior
Past ASB Experience: Freshman year traveled to Louisville, KY on a Youth and Education trip and worked with Junior Achievement. Led a Healthcare and Disabilities trip to Camp for All in Burton, TX sophomore year.
What you love most about MAC-ASB: Love working with our community partners! Also love hearing the experiences that sliders and participants have with their sites. We have such great community partners and I am ASBeyond excited to see how each relationship is strengthened this year!

Anna Bowie
Hometown: Naperville, IL
Major and Year: Microbiology, Junior
Past ASB Experience: Participant 2014-15 (CASC Detroit); Site Leader 15-16 (WHR Waco)
What you love most about MAC-ASB: ASB has been an amazing community to be apart of. Through my first years of college, it has provided myself and many others the ability to be educated on other communities and identities that are reflected on our own campus. During the college years where you are focused on achieving your own personal goals, ASB has been a reminder to think beyond oneself and foster relationships for the greater good.

Tabassum Mohibi
Hometown: Saginaw, MI
Major and Year: Arts & Ideas in the Humanities, Senior
Past ASB Experience: During my Freshman year, I went to Fort Worth, TX to Samaritan House–an HIV/AIDs shelter. My Sophomore year, I was a site leader and travelled to Mount Holly, NJ to Githens Center–a school for children living with disabilities.
What you love most about MAC-ASB: this organization taught me what it means to be an active citizen, facilitated inspiring learning experiences, introduced me to beautiful people and leaders, and changed my life.

Paul Ilkka
Hometown: Saginaw, MI
Major and Year: Neuroscience and History, Senior
Past ASB Experience: Participant 14-15 (Neumann Chicago); Site Leader 15-16 (Doorways St. Louis)
What you love most about MAC-ASB: I love the chance to learn more about social justice while expanding my view of the world. I also love the opportunity to meet new and amazing people!

Education & Training:


Andrea Martin
Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI
Major and Year: BCN & Spanish, Senior
Past ASB Experience: I have been on two trips in the past, and hope to finish my senior year off with one more! I went to Githens Center in Mt. Holly, NJ during my sophomore year, and I site led a trip to the International Services Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

What you love most about MAC-ASB: I couldn’t be more grateful for the genuine and diverse friendships I have made through my experiences with this organization. What I love most is the uniqueness of each trip; there is something to learn from every space you enter and every person you meet.

Ross Baiers

Hometown: Watervliet, MI
Major and Year: Program in the Environment, Junior
Past ASB Experience: I was a participant on an HIV/AIDS trip to New York City my freshman year. My sophomore year I was a site leader for an LGBTQ Awareness trip to Winston-Salem, NC.

What you love most about MAC-ASB: I love that ASB has given me the opportunity to challenge my ideas on service in order to actively participate in service learning as an effective and socially responsible means for engaging with communities.

Jordan Pond
Hometown: Owosso, MI
Major & Year: Senior, Women’s Studies and Pre-Med
Functional Team: Education & Training
Past ASB Experience: Freshman year participant on a Food Justice trip to Unity Gardens in South Bend, Indiana. My Sophomore year I was a site leader for an Animal Welfare trip to PAWS Chicago, and Junior year I site led a trip for Youth and Education to Junior Achievement-Louisville. 
What you love most about UM-ASB: Through this program, I have grown in ways I never imagined possible. I have been given so many opportunities to engage with new and diverse communities, and have been inspired by people with perspectives different from my own who are so passionate about creating social change and empowering others! I love the ability ASB gives me to continuously challenge myself, and my way of thinking. Plus… ASB has given me a little family, and that’s pretty great too (: