Our Team

Finance & Fundraising:


Grecia Quiroga
Hometown: Jackson, MI
Major and Year: BCN, Senior
Past ASB Experience: Participant & Site Leader for Healthcare and Disabilities trip to PKRC and Site Leader for HIV/AIDS Awareness trip to Doorways
What you love most about MAC-ASB: I love getting to learn more in depth about social justice and the topic groups of our sites! Learning and growing together as a team with the people you will go on the experience is really great because you are able to learn from each other and form a strong group of leaders. I also love getting to know the people of the communities to which we travel! Hearing their experiences is definitely one of my favorite things.

Jessica Todsen
Hometown: Tucson, AZ
Major and Year: Chemical Engineering, Senior
Past ASB Experience: Participant at Doorways in St. Louis, Site Leader at Githens Center in New Jersey
What you love most about MAC-ASB:Being surrounded by people who want to make a difference in the world and who care about social justice.

Emily Costello
Hometown: Rochester Hills, MI
Major and Year: BCN, Senior
Past ASB Experience: Freshman year, I was a participant on a youth and education trip to Chicago, IL. During my sophomore year, I site led a LGBTQ trip to North Carolina. My junior year, I led a food justice trip to Waco, TX.
What you love most about MAC-ASB: I have been exposed to topics and social issues that I knew nothing about. Being a part of MAC-ASB has taught me more than I have learned in a classroom and introduced me to people that will become life long friends.

Hunter Zhao
Hometown: Muskegon, MI
Major and Year: History and Sociology, Senior
Past ASB Experience: LGBTQ Awareness in Yadkinville & Winston-Salem, North Carolina and Immigrant and Refugee Rights in Atlanta, Georgia
What you love most about MAC-ASB: Having just the craziest and funniest conversations at night with everyone in my site.

Public Relations:


Abigail Barondess
Hometown: Okemos, MI
Major and Year: Neuroscience, Junior
Past ASB Experience: Freshman year I went to North Carolina for the LGBTQ awareness trip. My sophomore year I led the Food Justice trip to South Bend, IN
What you love most about MAC-ASB: I love being surrounded by a supportive community that shares the same passion for social justice as I do. The people I have met through MAC-ASB have challenged me to think about Social Justice and service learning in new ways. Each of my trips have empowered and inspired me to be a more conscious and engaged citizen!

Remonda Nashed
Hometown: Reed City, MI
Major and Year: Public Health, Junior
Past ASB Experience: Health and Disability (PKRC), Neumann Family Services
What you love most about MAC-ASB: My favorite part of MAC-ASB is that I get to do service and make friends!

Gretchen Zimmerman
Hometown: Mt. Pleasant, MI
Major and Year: Microbiology, Senior
Past ASB Experience: During my Sophomore year, I participated in a Healthcare & Disabilities Trip to Chicago. My Junior year, I returned to Chicago to site lead a Youth & Education trip!
What you love most about MAC-ASB: I’ve had such memorable experiences working with our community partners and meeting other students who are passionate about social change!

Site Development:

Anna Bowie
Hometown: Naperville, IL
Major and Year: Biology, Senior
Past ASB Experience: Urban Poverty (14-15); Food Justice (15-16); Rural Poverty (16-17); Lead Team-Site Development (2016-Current)
What you love most about MAC-ASB: ASB has been an amazing community to be apart of throughout my college years. No matter the level of involvement, this organization has provided myself and many others the ability to learn about communities and identities that are often reflected on our own campus. During these years where you are focused on achieving your own personal goals, ASB has been a reminder to think beyond oneself and foster relationships for the greater good.

Nolan Bick
Hometown: Rochester Hills, MI
Major and Year: Biology, Junior
Past ASB Experience: Participant for Animal Welfare to Possumwood Acres in Hubert, NC. Site Leader for Environmental Justice to Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area in Western Kentucky/Tennessee.
What you love most about MAC-ASB: I absolutely love being thrown into a completely unknown environment with people I don’t know too well, spend the entire week together learning how amazing everyone is, all while diving deep into a social justice topic we are all passionate about. Then at the end of the experience, looking back to see how much the entire group has grown.

Josie Tolin
Hometown: Chesterton, IN
Major and Year: Evolutionary Anthropology and English, Junior
Past ASB Experience: Youth & Education Site Leader, Animal Welfare Participant
What you love most about MAC-ASB: Maintaining our relationships with our lovely sites!

Julia Snider
Hometown: Holly, MI
Major and Year: Psychology and Women’s Studies, Senior
Past ASB Experience: Animal Welfare 2k15 (participant), Domestic Violence 2k16 (Site Leader), Food Justice 2k17 (Site Leader)
What you love most about MAC-ASB: ASBonding

Education & Training:


Neel Swamy
Hometown: Shelton, CT
Major and Year: Neuroscience, Senior
Past ASB Experience: During my first and second years, I went to a camp for children with differing abilities in Texas. Last year, I worked with a domestic violence shelter in Indiana!

What you love most about MAC-ASB: Connecting with other students on campus and learning more about social justice through community engagement!

Max Cornblath

Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI
Major and Year: Political Science, Senior
Past ASB Experience: Participant – HIV/AIDS, Site Leader – Urban Poverty, Native American Justice

What you love most about MAC-ASB: My favorite part of MAC-ASB is challenging myself and others to look outside of their own experiences, preconceived notions, and comfort zones to fully and responsibly engage in service-learning and social justice education.